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Worcester Poets

Worcester Poets is a group of poetry enthusiasts meeting regularly in the cathedral. A friendly group with a range of experience, new members are always welcome at their workshops. Paul Elwell tells us more.

Our workshops act as a starting point for writing. We come together every three months and each workshop revolves around a theme which is chosen by one of our members.

Recently the theme was ‘The Museum of Your Life’, the idea of curating a museum with things that represent your past. Another time we chose ‘Hats’ as a theme, exploring how hats reflect your identity and their different associations. One of the group brought in an army cap from the last war which had belonged to their father. The memories that surfaced were very evocative.

Each session is led by one of our members who will decide on the theme of the day, but they might also provide examples of poems for us to read, or objects or photographs. Somebody ran a workshop on the subject of boxes; what you put in them both physically and metaphorically.

The workshop is a creative space in which you can come up with ideas and start to write something. It’s really a starting point rather than a race to get something finished. Towards the end of each session we do read some of the work we produce, but there’s no pressure to do this if you prefer not to.

Some of the work produced in the workshops ends up on our blog (see the web address in the purple box). Our members have a huge range of experience, from newcomers to experienced authors who have been published. Although we take the medium seriously, we’re not too pretentious about it. This is really about encouraging others to have a go at writing.

The Cathedral is kind enough to regard us as part of their larger Worcestershire family and, as such, they allow us to use it as our meeting space. Usually our workshops are held in the Chapter House, or sometimes in the Crypt. This year our meetings are in April, July and October, always on a Saturday.

We have around 30 people on our mailing list and there’s usually around 15 people at a meeting. New members are always welcome.

You can read more on their blog: 
To enquire about workshops, please email