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Worcester Local Talent: Answer Back

I’m Dave Webber and I present a weekly music show on Choice Radio, the service for Worcestershire Royal Hospital. Answer Back are an exciting Pop Rock trio made up of of drummer Chris Lewin, Jim Smith on bass and guitarist Oli Grizzell.

Oli’s background is in music technology and production, something that’s interested him since he was at school. He met Jim at an open mic night when they discovered a lot of common ground in their musical ambitions. Chris Lewin the drummer had been in other bands before meeting with Oli and Jim, together they developed and created their band, aiming to be fresh and original.

The band pride themselves on creating solid tunes suitable for all and with strong lyrics. ‘We were looking for something that was a bit rebellious but had another message behind it’ says Oli. ‘The thing with Answer Back is you won’t find a band like us anywhere else. We have family-orientated lyrics, we’re not singing about drugs and booze and stuff, but that’s not at the expense of giving the audience a good time! We are explosive, energetic and entertaining with the bonus of appealing to younger audiences because of the good natured intentions behind our music.’

Their music is rock-oriented, upbeat and full of energy with three part harmonies and catchy lyrics. Oli believes their inspiration is the key to their unique sound. ‘I love my pop, I like the sound you get from McFly’ he says, ‘Jim is an amazing Blink182 fan, he loves his punk, and Chris is a massive Green Day fan so you mix those genres together you have pop, rock and punk. It’s a really nice blend.’

Officially together for two years, Answer Back write all their own lyrics and fund a lot of the business themselves. Family and friends have always been there and have supported them from the beginning. They now have their Debut EP out called ‘Here’s The Message’ which can be found on iTunes.

They clearly believe in playing live, because there’s been a steady list of gigs all of last year and the first part of 2014. They’re playing gigs around Worcestershire in June and July  before returning to Worcester on 30th August at The Pheasant. You can read about them and hear their music on their website which is