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Wellbeing: Do, or Do Not

There is no guilt.

By Tracy Reck, Exercise & Nutrition Coach in Worcester

Christmas can a challenging time for the wellbeing warrior. It is a time when, despite our goals and hopes, we can wobble and waver. When we are assaulted on every side by mince pies, chocolate logs, mulled wine and ENORMOUS tins of chocolates.

We know we shouldn't indulge, but this kind of food festivity comes along but once a year, and, well…we want to!

Now, I'm not Gillian McKeith. That is a well established fact. Healthy food and indulgent food can live harmoniously in the same diet so long as one simple rule is applied.

The 80/20 rule. As such, I have an 80/20 flavoured proposal for Christmas this year. This is perfect if you are someone who, like me, has the propensity to go overboard.

It could keep you safe from the worst of the excesses, stop you diving headfirst into a pot of chocolate spread with a whipped cream chaser or pickling your liver in a cocktail of mulled wine, gluwein, red wine and fortified wine. Or it'll just keep you a few percent healthier than normal at this time of year. Either way, you win, with very little extra effort.

Here it is. My Christmas proposal.

Pick one thing that you can do every day. Something that feels pretty easy but meaningful. Write it down and pin it up somewhere you can see it every day so you remember. And use that as your beacon of healthiness throughout the Christmas season.

Like doing 20 x A.N.Exercise before every meal. Eating a portion of veg per every piece of Christmas cake you eat. Drinking a glass of water with every alcoholic drink. Going for a twenty minute walk. Spending ten minutes a day being mindful. Whatever works for you.

Do you know why this is a great idea? Because every time you hit your chosen activity you'll be aware that you are spending some deliberate time investing in your healthiness in this tricky ole season.

It may spur you on to do more. It may not. But it will remind you of what's important to you so you remember who you are and don't get lost in a big Christmas-chocolate-booze-pies-crisps-cake-leftovers-cheese fest. And it'll give you a head start on the whole New Year’s Resolution thing.

Whether you do this or whether you don't, one thing stays the same. You don't have to feel one iota, one smidgen, one jot of guilt over Christmas. Guilt is not motivating. Guilt does nothing other than spoil your experience of life. It steals an otherwise lovely day out from underneath you.

Whichever choice you make, mosey on off to enjoy your festive season exactly the way that you want and make sure you have a fabulous time!

Tracy Reck is a fitness and nutrition writer, coach and speaker. You can read more from her at