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Local Worcester Talent: The Delray Rockets

By Dave Webber

I’m Dave Webber and I present a weekly music show on Choice Radio, the service for Worcestershire Royal Hospital. There aren’t many bands I know who have jammed with Robert Plant, but then The Delray Rockets make a kind of music that even rock legends love to listen to!

I’ve known Gaz le Bass for years and he’s been playing rock n roll music since he was a teenager. Around three years ago The Delray Rockets sprang into life. ‘I had an idea for doing some rockabilly music’ Gaz tells me, ‘and something that was a bit more in your face.’ With Oz Osborne on guitar, the band went through a couple of line ups until Gaz bumped into an old friend, Duke Delite, who joined them on drums. From then on its been full steam ahead, with the Rockets quickly enjoying success.

Their music is has a strong fifties influence, its raw and full-on but with an original twist. As well as playing covers they write and perform their own music and recently they released their first album, ‘Strictly Not Fluffy’ with a number of new tracks.

Last year they completed a tour of Holland. They were asked back this year but can’t make it back because they’re booked solid with gigs back here! They hope to play a tour through Holland, Belgium, Germany and Austria next year and other bookings for 2015 are already coming in. Amazingly, they might even take their music back to its true home in America, with rumours of a tour there in the near future.

The band opened for Def Leppard at a pre-tour gig in Birmingham recently. At their New Year’s Eve gig last December they were joined on stage by the former Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant. Of course not all of their audience is quite that famous, but its a real mix of people united by their love for the Rockets’ authentic sound, in fact you’ll see everyone from teenagers to pensioners!
‘My generation thought that punk was the music of rebellion but when you hear genuine rock n roll you realise the revolution started with Elvis and other performers back in the 50s’ says Gaz. ‘My dad always said rock n roll was the first music which you didn’t need a partner to dance with. More than sixty years ago, it was the original music for young people but its stood the test of time. You still hear it on the radio today.’

The group is just starting to work up new material with a view to releasing another album next year. With a flat out round of gigs this year I think their success is only just beginning.

If you want to see them playing live they have a number of local gigs throughout May. You can read more on their website which is

You can hear more of Dave’s interviews with local musicians on Choice Radio at and clicking on Live! In the Past.

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