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Paul Jeffery

Paul Jeffery is one of Worcester’s most talented guitarists, as well as one our longest running musicians! For more than five decades he’s been playing both solo and in several local groups. Here he tells us what he’s up to these days and where we can hear his music.

How do you describe your music?

I play in three bands. The first is called The Players, and our subtitle is (I kid you

not!) ‘Rootsy, Bluesy, Country, Jazzy, Folky Resonators’! That’s a ridiculous mouthful, but it sums us up - we are genuinely eclectic. We’re a trio and a curious mix. I play acoustic finger-style guitar, Ed is on drums and Phil is on lead guitar. Some people find us quite odd, because we’re not one style, mostly playing our own songs and that can make it hard for us to find gigs. We once played in a pub and afterwards the landlord said ‘You’re good, but people want Bon Jovi’! We’re not fashionable, I assure you, but we are appreciated. We played recently at The Mount Pleasant on London Road. We didn’t know a soul there, in fact most of the people listening didn’t know us, but despite me thinking ‘They’re going to hate us’ we went down really well.

How did The Players start?

Ed is a drummer and dj - a young pup, while me and Phil are two old wrinkly-types. We started playing together years and years ago at College, jamming with acoustic guitars and playing songs by Donovan, Blind Blake, the musicians that really influenced us. Many years later Phil came over to mine, we drank beer and after a while said ‘This is really good fun’ and so that’s how we started. We were very lucky to find Ed as he’s a fine percussionist which is very important in a largely acoustic group.

You mentioned other bands you play in?

The other band I play is The Whole Caboodle Electric Ceilidh Band which is really good fun. We did play a gig at the St Swithun’s Institute recently, but we nearly always play at private parties. I’m also in a band called Gandi’s Walrus and over the years I’ve played with many other people, including Old School Sky from the late 1970s. If you play music with other people it really helps you to listen to the music. There’s a magic when me and Phil perform that I can’t put my finger on, and Ed’s percussion makes such a difference.

Where can we hear your music?

You can’t hear The Players online, I have got a practise recording on MP3 somewhere but we’re not on Soundcloud or anything like that! Search for ‘Kerfuffle by Paul Jeffery’ on Youtube or look on Facebook and you can find me there. The Whole Caboodle Electric Ceilidh Band does have a web presence, we’re at

I have written a book called ‘Enigmatter’ which is a purposely non-linear, wry account of human consciousness. I also have a solo CD called ‘Cuttings from Don Quixote's Neglected Garden’. It costs £5.00 and people can e-mail me if they are interested,