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Paul J Rose

This month I want to tell you about a local performer who I think has got real talent. Paul J Rose has been on the local music scene for many years and has just started a new project.

One of his favourite places to perform is on the streets. While busking in public is a daunting experience for many musicians, Paul can often be found playing on local streets. ‘I love it’ he says, ‘bringing music to people who wouldn’t necessarily come to gigs. Families will walk past and their children will dance around. Whether they are laughing or crying, it’s great to get a response!’

Paul travels around and busks from Droitwich to Leominster. ‘I tend to stick to smaller towns’ he says, ‘ and I get lots of acts of kindness from people. In Kidderminster a person walked past and smiled. They soon came back to give me a hot chocolate and said how much they enjoyed the music.’

It’s those moments of appreciation that make it worthwhile for Paul, and he thinks he’s improved as a musician as well. ‘It’s toughened me up, most people don’t notice I’m there or are not interested. I have to have confidence in my own songs and there is something of worth there.’

Paul is a prolific writer of music and always has something on the go – he’s even threatened to write a song about me! He started playing guitar in his early twenties, when he was a fan of heavy rock, but as his playing progressed he realised the folk music tradition suited his voice and his playing style much better.

Many of his songs tell stories which catch your attention. His song The Maestro Effect tells the story of a romance which is doomed by his choice of car. Paul’s songs take you on a journey, following the folk tradition but with a contemporary edge.

His first album, called ‘A Nice Cup of Tea’ was produced ten years ago and he was often seen playing guitar with The George Cowley Experience who performed a lot around Worcester at that time. Two more albums followed – The Gathering of Threads in 2009 and Ulterior Motives (2013) in which Paul added an electric guitar and drums.

He’s now writing more material for a new group, ‘The Paul Rose Dictatorship’. The title was suggested because Paul is one of the last people who would ever act like a dictator! Together with a couple more local musicians Goose Goldberg and Simon Hislam, their music has a blues-rock feel and it’ll be interesting to see how they go down with local audiences.

After years of performing as a solo artist, Paul is enjoying making music with others and hopefully this new venture will produce many more great songs and live performances.

Read more about the music and upcoming gigs, search for Paul J Rose Music on Facebook and on SoundCloud.