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Enjoy the Journey by Tracy Reck

and other unhelpful advice...

By Tracy J Reck, Exercise & Nutrition Coach in Worcester

A few weeks back, a sage piece of advice was delivered to me by my calendar. In fairness, my calendar often offers words of wisdom, such as "October 12th - eat cake" or "August 27th - keep your pjs on all day", both of which are good ideas. But this one was better. "Enjoy the Journey" it told me. And I thought "good point"...

But then again - we struggle to actually do it, don’t we?

How do you JUST enjoy things more? Is it that easy to dial up the enjoyment on something, like the volume on a radio?

When you’re cursing your workout because your legs are burning or your heart is beating out of your chest, do you think about this lovely bit of cleverness and find it cuts through the pain quite well, actually? Like:

"It really hurt but, thankfully, I remembered that I'm on a journey and I’m supposed to ENJOY it! And the pain just…stopped!"

Hmm. Perhaps not!

In fairness, I can get my head around the fact that this piece of reframing - to enjoy the sucky feeling of out-of-breathness and muscle burn - might well work for some.

But for most? NOPE.

So the question I'd add, with the benefit of the wisdom I've acquired over the past few years, is this:

What do you need to do to enjoy the journey?

You know, the part of the journey where it sucks, cos it does sometimes.

Do you need to crank your favourite music up loud while you meal prep?

Do you need to get your friends involved in workouts? Suffering is more fun in pairs, for some reason!

Do you need to add a little nom-nom to your boring chicken salad?

Do you need to make your stuffy seated meditation a walking one?

Here's the thing.

Whilst a behaviour might be beneficial for your health, if you don't enjoy it, you aren't going to do it.

End of story.

Tracy Reck is a fitness and nutrition writer, coach and speaker. You can read more from her at