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Christmas Tree for Hire!

Roots Family Farmshop in Rushwick has come up with a novel way to enjoy a traditional Christmas tree without throwing it away afterwards. Their Rent-a-Tree scheme means the tree has a life to look forward to once Christmas is over. Will Edmonds from the farmshop explains. 

Traditionally, the Norway Spruce is the tree of choice for Christmas in this country. It gives your home a wonderful pine scent although once cut off at the root they do begin to shed their needles.

Fortunately, there is a way to enjoy these trees without needle drop. By planting them in pots, they continue to live once you have them at home. As long as you water the tree regularly, you’ll have very few needles to pick out of your carpet after twelfth night!

Our trees grow slowly and steadily in their pots at our nursery, hooked up to a pipe system for regular watering. After they’ve enjoyed a growth spurt in the spring, we trim them into shape ready for December.

Rental charges vary between £30 and £50 - after paying a £15 deposit you can take one home for Christmas. The smallest trees are about two and a half feet tall and will fit into a car. The largest trees are up to eight feet tall and we can place a net around them to help with transport, or we offer a local drop off and pick up service for an extra charge. 

Some people describe it as like having a pet to look after! They enjoy caring for it, topping it up with water and even seeing it grow by a couple of centimetres over the festive period.

All we ask is for you to return the trees to us by 10th January when we refund your deposit and place them back in the nursery for another year of growth.

We’re currently experimenting with placing tags on the trees, so in future you can even ask for the same tree year after year. We have a scanner that works on sheep and we just need to fine tune the system to work on trees!

If you prefer to buy rather than hire, we also sell small trees in pots which are easy to keep on at home and look after once Christmas is over.

You can find Roots Family Farm Shop on the Bransford Road near Rushwick WR2 5TD - 01905 421104