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All About Fossils Cricket in Worcester

What began as a casual suggestion over two decades ago, is today a successful cricket team that welcomes older players. The Fossils Cricket team was the brainchild of John Reynolds, who tells us more.

How did it all begin?
We started in 1995, in a year when our founding members all reached the grand old age of 50! I was at the dinner for what was the Malvern Wells Cricket Club and I overheard someone say what a shame it was that older people couldn’t get a game. I replied, ‘Why don’t you start an over 50s side then?’ and wandered off, not thinking anything more of it.

Before the end of the evening, a guest said to me ‘Let me know when you start the over 50s side, and I’ll play.’ The next day I’m walking up the Shambles in Worcester and someone said exactly the same thing! A few more days go past, and I’m phoned by a friend asking ‘when are you starting this team?’ Thinking about it some more, I realised I knew lots of people in and around Worcester of a similar age who could play. Originally, I thought we could play a couple of games, which turned into twelve in the first year. Since then its grown to the point where this year’s fixture list has 45 games, including a four-game tour of Wales.

How does the team operate today?
The Fossils Cricket Team doesn’t have a permanent home. We play at Birlingham (near Pershore) and at Malvern Cricket Club. This year we’ll also be playing at The Nomads ground in Bransford. All ages are welcome to play in our friendly games, while older players take part in national league games for teams varying from over 50s to over 70s. These take place on a county basis. We also play against teams from Warwickshire, Somerset, Wiltshire and Leicestershire. Until three years ago I was managing everything, but it was getting a little too much with up to three games a week to organise. Brian Norfolk and Paul Thompson stepped in and now run the mid-week teams. I help with Sunday fixtures along with Martin Woodward.  

Is cricket a game you can continue to enjoy as you get older?
Without a doubt, Fossils cricket certainly suits the older player. It’s not only about winning but about enjoying each and every game. It’s also about the camaraderie, playing a game with like-mind people of your own age and with the same sense of humour. Nobody worries if you drop a catch or the ball hurtles past you. We always try our best but there’s no point wasting energy on getting irate! 

Are new players welcome?
Absolutely, and although we are ‘fossils’, players of any age are very welcome to come and play in our friendlies. We have kick-started the cricketing careers of many young players who have gone on to play and even captain other local teams. The league games are open to the older players and there’s always space for a new face. 

If you’d like to find out more, then give John a call on (01905) 427007