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All About Folk at the Fold

Once a month, folk music lovers gather for an evening of performance in the Cart House at The Fold in Bransford. All kinds of folk music and song is encouraged along with poetry and spoken word performance. The Folk Club is run by Eric and Eileen Payne, and here, Eileen tells us more. 

When did it begin?
We’ve been running ‘Folk at the Fold’ for about ten years and it all began when The Fold asked if we’d like to run a club there. The ethos of The Fold fitted beautifully with our idea of a folk club, so we settled on running it just once a month, with the occasional special concert involving established folk performers from the UK, you’ll find full details on our website.   

What happens on a club night?
We share and enjoy a huge variety of entertainment underpinned with great humour and respect for all performers whether in the traditional or contemporary folk music vein. Anyone who comes along can perform if they wish. Some are highly accomplished, others may never have done so before and may be very nervous but, whatever their level of ability, they are made extremely welcome and are actively encouraged.  

It’s not just for performers though, those who come to listen are equally welcome - beware many puns and much laughter! 

The number of performers varies between 15 and 30 while overall audience levels at between 30 and 60, with winter tending to be the busiest time of year.  

Where do you meet?
We are fortunate to meet in the Cart House at The Fold in Bransford, a fabulous timber-framed room which is both cosy and atmospheric. We offer hot drinks and (wonderful) chocolate biscuits for 50p and everyone is welcome to bring along their own choice of alcoholic or other drinks, if they prefer.  

We don’t operate a membership scheme and our entry fee is currently just £2.  
We usually meet on the fourth Saturday of each month unless a concert or other special arrangement is in hand. This December we’ll meet on Saturday 21st with our following meeting being held on Saturday 25th January. Our start time is 8pm and we finish at around 10.30pm. The essence of folk music is its simplicity and that happy magic is truly reflected in our folk gatherings. Do come along and share an evening with us, you won’t be disappointed! 

If you’d like to know more about ‘Folk at The Fold’ and its other activities, please visit our website which is